Angry Birds For Android – A Quick First Look at the Full Version [VIDEO]

October 14, 2010 at 6:28 pm (Uncategorized)

We’re getting close, guys. Rovio promised a release of Angry Birds would be up in the Android market by the end of this week. While we’re not sure about the status of that window, we do know that they are very close to a final release. They’ve given us the opportunity to take an early look at the game ahead of launch, and it’s mind blowing. Angry Birds is still Angry Birds, of course, but the amount of content to be had here is insane. Perhaps I’m just used to games on Android not coming with much substance, but there’s enough here to keep me busy for a lot longer than I’d like.

They made a few changes to the main user interface – notably on the start and level select screens. While the old interface was nowhere near bad by any means, things look a lot more polished here. For instance, instead of putting all of the Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other buttons on the bottom, everything is grouped into two collapsible buttons for easy access. It isn’t the biggest change in the world, but it makes for a cleaner look and feel.


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