BumpTop Mac Makes Your Desktop a 3D Entity [Downloads]

January 20, 2010 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

BumpTop Mac Makes Your Desktop a 3D Entity

Mac OS X: Like its Windows 7 counterpart, the BumpTop desktop replacement arrives on OS X with all kinds of ways of manipulating and organizing files, folders, images, and applications. It also integrates with the Mac’s own window-handling tools.

BumpTop’s Pro version, $29, gives MacBook users access to a range of multi-touch features, similar to what Windows 7 users can do on a multitouch screen. But the free version still delivers a different experience for your desktop. Folders, pictures, drive icons, and anything, really, can be pinned to your three walls, the desk surface, and piles of documents re-arranged with a tap of the mouse (or finger). When you get mad at the Parkerson Project, pick it up and fling it across your desk at the wall—just like in real life!

Here’s a video take on BumpTop’s Mac version:

BumpTop Mac is a free download for the basic version, while the Pro version, which also features as-you-type desktop search, is $29. If you try it out on your own OS X system, tell us how it fits into your workflow, or doesn’t, in the comments.

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