Amazon will be the largest company in the world and the 1st Trillion Dollar Company from @alexdmoore blog

January 8, 2010 at 6:10 am (Uncategorized)

Amazon has been at the forefront of all innovations in the ecommerce space and has lead the way with service. They are the only company to achieve worldwide scale and continue to expand their product offerings

Can you imagine Wal-Mart’s board in good old Bentonville, Arkansas trying to figure out what the hell Amazon’s 500 computer scientists are cooking up at a given time? The thought is hilarious.

There will always be a need for brick and mortar stores as it’s fun to touch products with our own hands and get a feel for their aesthetic value in person, but more and more the trend of everyone buying everything online will continue. The only thing then that can stop Amazon is some sort of catastrophic future where the world is more concerned about toxic levels of CO2 or finding it’s next meal then the new sexy digital camera it’s going to buy. In either future though Amazon will be huge. Maybe they will have the lowest priced CO2 filter breathing machines and canned soup delivered to your door.

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I agree 100%. I’ve always been bullish on Amazon, almost took a job there in 2002 instead of Apple. Amazon is going to lead the way in online sales, which will one day be ALL sales.

No more overpaying for stuff at Sears, Comcast, Bank of America, Best Buy, or even iTunes. Soon, every single dollar spent will flow efficiently through Amazon, and they will take their tiny cut and count their pennies to trillions.

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