Control Your Apps Without Your Finger

January 7, 2010 at 3:44 pm (Uncategorized)


GestureTek has made an announcement that its patented gesture reading, touch free control interface is now supported on Android devices. GestureTek is the inventor of software that allows the user to control application with via their own gestures. Their software uses tracking engines use the camera of the Android device to allow the user a touch free interface for games and applications.

“Greater accessibility to GestureTek’s gesture recognition software is significant for developers in the mobile and consumer electronics space,” says Vincent John Vincent, President of GestureTek. “Developers now have the ability to create gesture-control games and applications for multiple platforms and to develop for multiple mobile devices, including those with hardware-based gesture control solutions (such as accelerometers) and software-based gesture control solutions.”

Once the software is enabled, users can shake, rock or roll their phone to play games, answer calls, shuffle playlists, navigate maps, scroll, pan, zoom, turn pages and even browse the web – all without pressing a button or touching the screen.

Now I’m sure some of you out there are thrilled to soon control your phone by merely shaking, rattling, and rolling your phone, and the rest I’m sure are thinking of other inappropriate gestures and wondering if they will register. Guess we will see, but either way, all the breakthrough controls will be great to see!

[via PRNewsWire]

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