The Plastic Bag That Dissolves In Water

December 28, 2009 at 9:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Vanishing without a trace might not be appreciated in friends and lovers but is an excellent relationship to have with one’s used packaging material. What becomes a pile of plastic garbage is that it should just disappear into thin air, right? Well, a newly developed plastic bag does just that – it completely dissolves in water. Companies use it when sending their products, magazines for example, to users, who can simply dissolve it at home – no trace of the bag left, less plastic on the environment. Our only question is: Why hasn’t anyone come up with this concept before?

Two empty magazine bags, what next?

Cyberpac, a UK-based packaging company, has developed a range of products – called Harmless – that use a hydro-degradable plastic that is up to three times stronger than polythene, lighter and leaves no damaging residue after dissolving in water. A bit skeptical of this promise, we’ve taken a look at the dissolving bag’s actual disappearing act.

The next step of the instructions says “Run the hot tap or boil a kettle.” Okay, here we go,
Oh, wait: “and remove strip.” Okay, because the glue’s strip, though biodegradable, will not dissolve in water,
“Place bag in receptacle and pour on hot water”
Printed areas will take a bit longer to dissolve,
And, finally, “pour solution down the drain” – bye bye!








Click here to download: (229 KB)

The Plastic Bag That Dissolves In Water

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